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Snakes can slither into tight spaces and wander into homes and get lost. If snakes are making unwelcome appearances on your property, never fear. Call ABL Wildlife – I specialize in professional snake control services in the Portland OR – Vancouver WA Metro area. I understand an unexpected encounter with a snake can be frightening, so I’ll take care of everything for you. 

I am committed to safely and effectively resolving snake issues while ensuring the safety of your family and pets. Call me today if you have any questions!

Signs of Snakes on Your Property

The Portland area has 15 native snake species. From the California Mountain kingsnake to the rubber boa, these snakes can make themselves at home in your attic, garage, or other structures while feasting on rodents and insects. Depending on the species, snakes may form colonies, potentially filling your wall voids with baby snakes. Signs of a snake presence in your home can include:

  • Foundation Vent Holes: Snakes may enter through holes in foundation vents, attracted by potential food sources like rodents.
  • Debris Piles: Accumulations of debris near your home provide hiding spots for snakes.
  • Compost Piles: Snakes may seek warmth and prey in compost piles.


  • Rodent Tunnels: The presence of small rodent tunnels in your yard can indicate snake activity.
  • Tall Grass: Overgrown grass offers cover for snakes.
  • Insect Infestations: Snake presence may be drawn to areas with insect infestations, especially ants.


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Don't let snakes disrupt your peace of mind or pose risks to your family. You can trust in ABL Wildlife for safe, efficient, and humane snake control services in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA metro areas. We're here to help you regain control of your property and ensure a snake-free environment.

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Should You Call a Professional for Snake Control?

Yes, snake removal should always be entrusted to trained and experienced professionals. Trying to capture a snake on your own carries the risk of injury – most significantly, if they bite you. Snakes can also pose health risks in the form of diseases like mycobacterium and salmonellosis. Not only that: attempting to capture or remove snakes by homeowners is illegal in both Oregon and Washington.

I am a trained snake catchers and snake removal expert dedicated to preventing harm to both the public and wildlife. Your safety and well-being are paramount to me. Let me handle your snake removal, ensuring the protection of your family, property, and the snakes themselves.

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