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Moles are active all year, but they follow their food sources. That means, if you keep a well-watered, maintained lawn, you are more likely to attract moles! They feast upon the grubs and worms that exist in a healthy lawn environment. If gophers and moles are wreaking havoc on your lawn or garden, look no further than ABL Wildlife. I specialize in professional gopher and mole removal services in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA areas

With years of expertise in gopher control, I’m dedicated to safely and effectively eliminating these underground pests, helping you reclaim your property. Call today to schedule an appointment or ask questions!

How Do You Tell the Difference Between Gophers & Moles?

Gophers and moles can cause extensive damage to your property, leaving behind unsightly mounds and tunnels that compromise the integrity of your landscape. These pests are known for the following reasons.


  • Creating tunnel systems just below the surface
  • Feeding on roots, causing plant damage
  • Leaving distinctive mounds of soil in their wake


  • Digging shallow tunnels and molehills
  • Consuming insects and grubs, disrupting your lawn
  • Leaving surface ridges and tunnels

Signs You May Have Gophers or Moles in Your Yard

There are certain subtle and not-so-subtle signs may indicate that your property has become a target for moles and gophers. Here are a few:

  • Mounds in lawn or garden
  • Raised tunnels
  • Garden and lawn destruction
  • Tunneling under foundation
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Things to Know About DIY Gopher & Mole Removal Methods

Mole removal can be tricky. Due to the intelligence of these critters, it’s always best to call a professional to handle a mole infestation. Have you seen the “poison worms” and “sonar devices” in the hardware stores? These can be problematic because moles often push foreign items out of their burrows; this leads to a higher likelihood of poisoning birds of prey and other nontargets. 

At ABL Wildlife, I use specialized equipment to get rid of the moles and gain your yard back. I also handle gophers, voles, and other mound/hole-creating rodents that plague yard spaces.

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