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Whether you call them “trash pandas” or “bin bandits,” raccoons are highly intelligent creatures. The problem is they can quickly become a nuisance when they come inside your home or business. They can be highly destructive when they feel trapped, and their waste is known to transmit dangerous pathogens and parasites. At ABL Wildlife, I specialize in humane and effective raccoon removal services in the Vancouver-Portland Metro area and surrounding communities. 

I am committed to providing safe and efficient raccoon control and raccoon exclusion measures. Call me today to discuss your raccoon problem!

Raccoon Removal Process

My process for removing raccoons is safe and efficient – to you, your property, and the live animal. The goal is to remove the raccoon without causing any further damage to your property, but I also strive to preserve the well-being of these intelligent creatures.

The raccoon removal process includes the following steps:

  • Inspection and Assessment: I’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify raccoon entry points, nesting sites, and potential damage, assessing the extent of the infestation to tailor the removal plan accordingly.
  • Humane Raccoon Trapping and Removal: It’s important to employ humane trapping and removal methods that prioritize the safety and well-being of the raccoons. I’m trained to handle these creatures with care and relocate them to a suitable natural habitat.
  • Raccoon Exclusion: Preventing future raccoon intrusions is vital. I seal entry points, install barriers, and employ effective exclusion techniques to keep raccoons from returning to your property.

Signs You Have Raccoons in Your House

Raccoons are resourceful and secretive creatures, often making it challenging to detect their presence until the damage is done. Here are some common signs that may indicate you need professional raccoon removal:

  • 4″ or larger holes in foundation vents (The vents around the bottom of the outside of your home).
  • 4″ or larger holes in the attic, soffit, or eve vents (The screens below the roof, at the top of the siding).
  • Feces near the base of trees or under decks.
  • Small holes in the lawn, missing tufts of grass, or strips of sod peeled back.
  • Raccoon offspring noises can be heard and described as “chatter.”


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Raccoon Removal FAQs

Yes. Raccoon removal (trapping) is best handled by trained and experienced professionals. Trapping attempts or other attempts at raccoon removal by homeowners is not only against state law in both Oregon and Washington, but it can also result in the transmission of diseases or injury to person and property.

Raccoons can carry numerous diseases including distemper, toxoplasmosis, encephalitis, roundworm, and tuberculosis as well as playing host to parasites like ticks, lice, and fleas. The spread of disease is yet another reason why “trapping” them requires a trained professional with the right equipment. Specialized cages are necessary for proper raccoon trapping – not just any cage will do!

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