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Finding bats nesting on your property can certainly be a spooky experience. Thankfully, there’s nothing to fear so long as you leave them alone and let the professionals handle them. 

I provide a turnkey bat control solution, addressing every aspect from safe bat removal, proactive prevention, and meticulous bat waste cleanup, to repairs of any bat-related damages. Call me today and let’s discuss your bat issue.

Bat Removal Process

Caring for your property and ensuring a bat-free environment is my top priority. My bat removal process is a well-honed system that safely and efficiently resolves bat infestations while safeguarding your property and ensuring the well-being of these remarkable creatures.

  • Comprehensive Inspection: In this industry, bat professionals typically charge for the initial inspection of a site. In my professional opinion, beware of free inspections. They are often more of a sales pitch than a professional evaluation of your specific problem. For a customer to have a proper advocate dedicated to their interest in resolving their problem, they have to pay for the time of the advocate. My process begins with a thorough inspection of your property to identify bat entry points, nesting sites, and potential damage. I assess the extent of the infestation to tailor our removal plan accordingly. 
  • Humane Bat Exclusion: I follow humane exclusion methods that prioritize the safety and well-being of the bats. I’m trained to handle these creatures with care, ensuring no harm comes to them.
  • Damage Repair and Cleanup: Bats can cause significant damage to your property, including staining, odors, and contamination from guano (bat droppings). I provide comprehensive damage repair and cleanup services to restore your property to its pre-infestation condition.
  • Bat Prevention: Bat exclusion is one of the most important phases of a successful bat removal project. I am trained in safe and professional methods of bat prevention. 

Bat Control FAQs

Do you have questions about bat removal or exclusion in the Portland-Vancouver metro area? Look no further. Explore these bat control FAQs, and if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Rabid bats are a recurring issue in Oregon, with documented cases reported annually. Bat rabies is the primary strain of rabies found in Oregon, and it has been identified in 30 out of the state’s 36 counties. Typically, only individual rabid bats are discovered and tested officially, which underestimates the actual number of rabid bats as they often live in colonies where the virus can spread rapidly. Bats can carry the rabies virus for extended periods before developing active symptoms, contributing to yearly bat rabies outbreaks in Oregon. Historically, Lane County has recorded the highest number of “tested” rabies-positive bats from 1960 to 2000.

Bat guano is a known histoplasmosis vector, recognized by the CDC. The exposure risk of histoplasmosis comes from the inhalation of spores of the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. These spores are in the guano of bats infected with this fungus. This potential health risk is why bat waste should be professionally removed from occupied houses and buildings.

When a bat is found on the ground or “grounded” this means something is wrong. Bats on the ground should not be captured or handled by untrained people. Rabies should be a first consideration since this is a fatal virus that could be transmitted to a human. But, it could be an injured or dehydrated bat as well. Sometimes juvenile bats fall out of the primary opening to a building or fall off of their mother’s back as they are being conditioned to the outdoor environment.

Bat urine is a very erosive contaminant due to the high content of uric acid. This urine can severely damage metal and wood components inside a structure. Typically, electrical junction boxes, conduits, ductwork, structural plates, and fasteners can be damaged by bat urine in a bat-infested attic or vaulted ceiling. 


In addition to uric acid damage, bat urine can contain a multitude of different pathogens, as well as a strong odor. Bat urine crystallizes to a white color after it dries and is often observed on glass window surfaces where bats have an infestation. White stains associated with areas bats are using can be observed on any surface where bat urine is present though.

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