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Though opossums can be cute, they can pose some dangers when they begin getting cozy on your property. At ABL Wildlife, I specialize in professional opossum removal services, serving Vancouver-Portland metro area and the surrounding communities. With years of experience in wildlife removal, I’m dedicated to safely and effectively resolving opossum problems while ensuring the protection of your property and the well-being of local wildlife.

Opossum Removal Process

I have extensive experience removing opossums from homes and businesses in Oregon and Washington. During this time, I’ve developed a systematic and humane approach to opossum removal. My priority is to resolve your opossum issues while ensuring the well-being of your property and the wildlife.

To make this possible, my opossum removal process includes the following steps:

  • Thorough Assessment: I begin with a comprehensive assessment of your property to identify opossum activity, entry points, and potential nesting sites. This assessment allows us to develop a customized removal plan.
  • Humane Opossum Control: I employ humane trapping and relocation techniques to safely capture and relocate opossums to more suitable habitats away from residential areas.
  • Entry Point Sealing: To prevent opossums from returning, I seal potential entry points, including gaps, vents, and openings in structures, ensuring your property remains opossum-free.
  • Education and Prevention: I provide information and guidance on how to minimize future encounters with opossums, such as securing trash cans and eliminating attractants.

What Problems Do Opossums Create?

Opossums are marsupials known for their adaptability and nocturnal behavior. While they play a role in local ecosystems by consuming insects and small rodents, they can also create challenges for property owners, including:

  • Attic Nesting: These nests harbor harmful pathogens and particles can easily become airborne. It’s a good idea to wear a face mask when you’re in the same room as one.
  • Feces Deposits: Bird droppings on your property – these are a health hazard, in addition to being unsightly and corrosive.
  • Damaged Screens: A trapped bird will peck and claw to try to free itself and screens often end up damaged or destroyed.
  • Exterior Nesting: Nests on the exterior of your property, hidden in awning or eaves.
  • Garden Destruction: Birds may strike your garden in the quest for food. This can quickly add up to significant damage.
  • Siding Damage: Flickers and woodpeckers are notable culprits when it comes to siding damage.
  • Species-Specific Indicators: 1″ or larger holes in the attic, rustling noises during the day, and turkey scratch marks on vehicles or boats are some other telltale signs of nuisance birds..
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  • Property Intrusion: Opossums may seek shelter in attics, crawl spaces, and other structures, leading to property damage and disturbances.
  • Foraging: Opossums are opportunistic feeders and may raid garbage cans, pet food, and garden produce, causing mess and frustration.
  • Disease Concerns: Opossums can carry diseases such as leptospirosis and transmit them through their feces or urine, posing health risks to humans and pets.
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Why Choose ABL Wildlife for Opossum Removal?

Opossum trapping and removal is always best handled by trained and experienced professionals. Trapping attempts or other attempts at opossum removal by homeowners are not only against state law in both Oregon and Washington but can also result in the transmission of diseases or injury to person and property.

Here are a few reasons why you should ABL Wildlife to handle opossums on your property:

  • Licensed Professional: I am a licensed wildlife control expert experienced in dealing with opossum issues, including safe removal and relocation.
  • Humane Approach: My methods prioritize the humane treatment and relocation of opossums, ensuring their safety and minimizing harm to the environment through safe opossum trapping.
  • Comprehensive Services: I offer a full range of services, from assessment and removal to prevention and education, providing a complete solution to opossum control.
  • Safety First: Your safety and that of your family and pets are my top priorities. I take all necessary precautions during our opossum removal processes.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal. I work diligently to provide effective solutions tailored to your needs.

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Are you struggling with opossum problems in your home or business? Rest assured, you don't have to tackle it alone. I can locate opossum access points, assess damage, and preemptively address potential future entry points during the initial inspection. 

With ABL Wildlife, you have a trusted partner in opossum control. I create tailored solutions that may include trapping programs, eviction systems, or expert home sealing to keep wildlife at bay. Call me today to schedule an appointment.


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