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Licensed Wildlife Management Company in the Portland OR and Vancouver WA Area

I am proud to hold licenses from both the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Oregon Department of Agriculture, as well as the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Washington Department of Agriculture. As a dedicated member of NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association), I am passionate about educating the industry and providing effective wildlife management solutions.

More About Anna Loyd – Wildlife Handler Extraordinaire

Anna Loyd - Owner of ABL Wildlife in Portland, OR

I am not only passionate about the rich wildlife of the Pacific Northwest but also deeply committed to assisting people in resolving their wildlife-related challenges. In this pursuit, I oversee complex wildlife management programs for homes and businesses in Oregon and Washington, all while upholding my fundamental principles of safety and compassionate practices.

Operating one of the few women-owned businesses in wildlife control, I take pride in breaking gender barriers and contributing to the growth of women in a predominantly male industry. My roots in the small town of Drain OR ingrained a love of local wildlife from a young age and provided a strong foundation for my continued expansion in this dynamic field.

The Mission

Through ABL Wildlife, I resolve the ongoing conflicts that frequently arise between humans and wildlife. It’s essential to note that wildlife trapping and removal without proper licensing is illegal in both states, and I am here to uphold the law while protecting both humans and wildlife.

My mission from day one has been to provide unmatched wildlife control services that are not only safe but also humane. Additionally, I strive to empower residents in the Vancouver-Portland Metro area through education and resources, enabling them to safeguard their homes effectively.

My Commitment to Sustainable and Humane Wildlife Solutions

Through my time in pest and wildlife removal, I have learned how to deliver discreet, professional solutions for many kinds pest concerns. I aim to educate individuals about the damaging behaviors exhibited by pests and invasive species and stress the importance of contacting trained pest and wildlife control specialists to intervene before situations escalate. With my extensive knowledge of pest and wildlife behavior, I’m confident in my ability to adapt to your unique situation. Contact ABL Wildlife today to book your service!

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